What is the Best Fence for a Hilly Property In Australia 2022?

What is the Best Fence for a Hilly Property


Perfectly level ground is ideal for a fence, but this is not the reality for many property owners, whose yards may be built on sloping land. So, what fencing options are best for hillside properties?


If your property is built on a hill or a slope, you probably already know some of the challenges that this can present when it comes to construction on your land. Drainage can be a hassle to figure out, as can landscaping and architecture. Fencing is another task that will be more burdensome for you on a hill than if you your property was located on a perfectly flat surface. While it’s often a more complex venture, several great options are still available for your fencing. Professional installers will rise to the challenge to build your home a secure, attractive fence.

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Figuring out the slope of your land

The first thing to do when wanting to get a new fence installed is to figure out the specifications of your property. If you’re planning to get your fence professionally installed, your fencing company should be able to visit your property to provide a measure and quote for the work and to advise you of suitable fencing options for your property.


Factors like the number of hills on your property, the steepness of these hills and the overall size of your land are all things to consider when deciding on your fence. Your aesthetic preferences and the style of your home will also need to be taken into account when choosing a suitable fence for your property. So, what are some fencing options for properties that are located on sloping land?


Modular walls

Modular walls are a durable, strong fence that is popular for Australian homes. Designed to reflect the look of a traditional or masonry brick wall, at a fraction of the cost, modular walls are a modern-style fence that offers an attractive kerbside appeal, as well as offering the same functional features of a brick wall. You should to install quality Pool Fencing Which also should be safe and secure



Modular walls are great for building on sloped or hill properties, as they are highly customisable and can be adapted to any property shape. Jim’s Fencing can use the modular wall system to build a lightweight fibre concrete retaining wall that fits to the uneven ground level of your home. This solution also drains excess water from your land, which is a common and prevalent issue for hilly properties. It also helps to retain soil mass, another typical problem. Try Colorbond fencing which is the best option



As well as these benefits, modular walls are also highly regarded for their soundproofing abilities. If your modular fence is built to a height of two metres or taller, it should be able to block out up to four times the level of external noises in comparison to many other fences.


Timber fences

Timber is a hard-wearing, secure material to use for your fence that will suit most architectural styles. Homeowners love the natural, classic look that a wooden fence gives to the façade of a property. Jim’s Fencing uses Merbau wood, a hardwood revered for its beautiful golden-brown colour and durability.


Timber fences are an excellent choice for fencing on sloping land due to the nature of the panels/pickets. Unlike vinyl or metal fences, which tend to be built in large squares or panels, timber fences are usually constructed from a number of smaller planks. Because of this, you can create your fence in one of the designs commonly used for sloping properties: stepped or sloped.


Stepped fencing

Stepped fencing uses rails at a 90° angle to the slope of the land, with pickets built across each rail. This means that the rail and picks are continually even against the ground, and the final result is that of a giant set of steps, increasing in height as it travels up the slope. Stepped fencing is a good option for severe slopes, because it’s simpler to construct than many other sloped fencing options.


Sloped fencing

Sloped fencing is built to reflect the contour of the hill in a raking design. The top of the fence is built on the same angle as the land and the pickets are extended all the way to the ground, or there is a kickboard along the base of the fence to line them up. Sloping fences tend to be more complex and harder to construct than stepped fencing.


Picket fence

If you favour the appearance of a classic white picket fence, this is still an option for hillside properties. Although sloping land often does pose a challenge, a picket fence can be racked in the same way a larger timber fence can be. Jim’s Fencing can bias-cut the top and bottom rails of the fence to be parallel with the ground and then install each picket individually, spacing them out to follow the slope of the hill. This will be a long process and will be more expensive than a standard picket fence on level ground. If you love the style, though, it’ll likely be worth it!


Get your fence installed by a professional

When it comes to fencing on a hilly property, professional fence installers will be considering more than just the wall itself – they’ll also be looking at your soil levels and drainage. They’ll be able to offer expert advice and let you know any future problems that may arise due to the slope of your land. It’s always best to get someone experienced to install your fence, especially on a hilly property. Contact Jim’s Fencing on 13 15 46 for your obligation-free quote today. We need to contact Fence Melbourne The best company in Melbourne


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