Security Screen Solutions to Stop Nosey Neighbours

Security Screen Solutions to Stop Nosey Neighbours

In this day and age of constant contact via smartphones and social media, it can be a relief to come home to your private sanctuary. But if you’re struggling to deal with those dreaded nosey neighbors, you have our sympathy. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you can’t be comfortable in your own home for fear of someone peeping over the fence or through your front windows. Unfortunately, you can’t control the spaces surrounding your property. Even if you have enjoyed years of privacy, one renovation project from your next-door neighbors can leave you feeling like you’re living in a fishbowl.

During the winter months when shrubbery has been defoliated, there isn’t much of a barrier between your window and other people’s line of vision. This can be a reason for concern, not only for your nosey neighbors but also from a home safety perspective. To keep unwanted onlookers from peering into your home, Jim’s Security Doors has the perfect solution.

One-way privacy mesh/DVA security screens

One-Way or privacy mesh provides an advanced security solution while limiting outsiders’ ability to look inside your home. The one-way mesh comes in two thicknesses; the heavy variety can be used on its own, where the light one-way mesh compliments either a diamond grill or cast aluminum-style security door. Either way, the intricate design of the mesh means that your view from the inside is practically uninhibited, but people on the outside can’t see in.

The heavy privacy mesh exceeds the Australian standard for Security doors, meaning someone trying to break in will be unable to cut through it, take it down by the force of jemmy it from the frame.

One-way privacy mesh features:

  • Restricted vision from the outside, keeping those nosy neighbors at bay;
  • Clear visual access from the inside so that your view is not spoiled;
  • Excellent airflow and ventilation;
  • Insect and pest resistance;
  • Pet damage resistant; and
  • An easy-to-clean design.

DVA mesh can be installed on any exterior door, whether you require a hinged door, a sliding door, a panel system of sliding doors, or a secure entry enclosure to encase entire outdoor portions of your home, such as a porch or veranda.

Privacy mesh can also be installed on windows, meaning you can effectively block out your neighbors without needing to build higher fences or wait for the shrubs to grow.

Privacy for your safety

Privacy is not just about your comfort; it is also about your safety within the home. A security screen over your doors and windows acts as a visual deterrent to someone casing your home as it is an obvious indicator of an advanced security feature. Though great at giving you back your privacy, consider upgrading your security door with DVA mesh to improve your level of home protection. By restricting the ability of visitors to see into your house, you can quickly answer your front door without ever needing to open your home to strangers. This means that you, or your children, will be able to see who is outside the door without allowing the visitor to see into your home.

In most cases, intruders can access a property through the door and access the property within five minutes. If you have installed an Australian Standards-approved Security door Melbourne, this will present a more challenging obstacle to burglars because they are designed to withstand forced entry attempts. Furthermore, if a thief can’t see inside to assess what goods they are likely to be able to steal, they will most likely move on to a home where visual access is easy.

Jim’s Security Doors offers free measure-and-quote services on our range of security doors along with our legendary customer service and satisfaction guarantee for Property Conveyancing Brisbane as well. Every one of our security doors is designed with security, aesthetics, and convenience in mind. If you would like to talk to Jim’s Security Doors about installing a security screen door or a secure entry enclosure, call our friendly customer service team on 13 15 46.

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