Can My Security Door Protect Me Against Burglars

Can My Security Door Protect Me Against Burglars?

Home security is crucial to Australian households. How protected is your home? If you don’t have a security door, now is the time to think about installing one to protect your home and loved ones.

A security door is a great way to protect your home and your belongings against break-ins. It signals to would-be intruders that you take security seriously and have invested in protecting your home. It also stops home invaders of the flying and biting variety. But the most valuable thing a security door protects is you!

Personal protection

When you answer the door to a stranger, a locked security door is effectively your shield. While most intruders will wait until there is no one home before trying to gain entry to your home, some bolder criminals will choose a time when they know you are home alone. Sadly, just under 12 percent of home robberies in Australia last year involved an encounter between a resident and a burglar. If you answer the doorbell, they can ambush you, pushing you inside with them or pulling you out and locking you out while they smash and grab. By the time you’ve run to the neighbors to call the police, the thieves have found your wallet, phone, jewelry and taken the car keys for a quick getaway. The whole experience is terrifying and will take a long time to recover from. The experts at Security Doors understand how important it is to have the right door for each customer.

Secure your sanctuary

Most victims of robbery are not home when the crime is committed. In one way, this is good. Property damage can be repaired, mess cleaned up and most valuables can be replaced. People cannot.

Your home is your sanctuary, where you kick off your shoes and let your guard down (because you feel safe and your front door is locked). In a lot of ways, it is an extension of ourselves.

Coming home to a ransacked house is horrible. Anyone who has been through the experience will remember it acutely for years, probably decades, to come. The first sign your home has been broken into is often a sinking gut feeling that something is not right. The front door is busted or ajar, or a window is broken. Inside is often a mess. Practiced criminals work fast. They pull draws out and empty them on the floor looking for valuables. The most common items stolen are classed as personal items: wallets, cash, handbags, clothes, and jewelry. They also look for tools, sporting equipment, SLR cameras, gaming consoles, tablets, and laptops.


After such a significant invasion of privacy, it’s normal to feel violated and vulnerable. And

it’s important to speak about how you are feeling, whether to a professional counselor or a trusted friend. One of the next things to do is look at how to avoid it happening again.

Home security is personal

The silver lining of Victoria’s long lockdowns to control covid-19 means we’ve all been home more than ever before. Lockdowns are believed to be behind Victoria’s 21 percent drop in what is officially called ‘Unlawful entry with intent, or UEWI for short. Across Australia, these crimes decreased by 23 percent. Even before the pandemic, the numbers had been steadily decreasing over the past five years. At the same time, the number of homeowners investing in security doors has increased. This means homes without a security door stand out as targets.

The experts at Jim’s Security Doors know that many new customers are victims of crime and are still in the raw stages of recovery. If this is you or you want to avoid being a crime statistic, call Jim’s Security Doors today on 13 15 46. They also provide property conveyancing Brisbane. You can call and get a quote

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