Will blue light blocking glasses damage your eyes? | Eye Health

The world is now fed by digital devices and gadgets and visual marketing has increased 3 folds over the last 10 years. That means more computers, laptops, LED TVs and LED lights in our environment, all of which contribute to blue light (doesn’t really appear blue to the naked eye). So, is this blue light harmful to your eyes? If yes, is there any remedy against blue light? Read to know more…

What are experts and scientists telling us about blue light?

There is a massive hullabaloo surrounding the origins and effects of blue light in the world. On one side, it’s the enormous IT and electronics industry that is contributing to the blue light emission and on the other hand, it’s the eyewear industry that caters to customers with their blue light filtering systems. 

The cacophony doesn’t end here. The debated space is still filled with experts from scientific fields to have their own opinions based on research on blue light emission or radiation. However, numerous experts are also divided by inconclusive pieces of evidence to support their claims.

Will blue light blocking glasses damage your eyes? | Eye Health

So, does blue light emitting out of digital devices and gadgets really affect your eyes?

Several scientists have observed the following things:

  • Blue lights may lead to digital eye strain; a term mostly refers to a series of ailments like fatigue, headaches, sleeplessness, dry eyes etc.
  • Most blue light victims are associated with the IT industry where professionals have to work in front of computers for a long period of time.
  • Blue lights can erode sleep hormones, also known as melatonin, and can have a drastic effect on sleeping habits.
  • Switching to dark mode or night mode in digital devices, like computers, mobiles can diminish blue light emission.
  • It is advisable for IT professionals to take regular breaks in the workplace to reduce digital eye strain and screen glare due to blue light.

However, popular online eyewear retailers like Vision Direct, Felix Gray, and SmartBuyGlasses have shown exultant uniformity in developing high-quality blue light filtering or blocking eyeglasses. Users have frequently reviewed their eyeglasses and found them very satisfactory in reducing headaches and sleeplessness.

Top 3 blue light blocking glasses that are trending in the APAC market

Vista Readers Oskar: The full-rimmed green/grey colored is made of robust plastic frames available with customized RX lenses. The square shape of the frame has attracted men and women from not only Australia but ASEAN region also. With free-shipping, 100-day return policy, and 2-year warranty offers, Vista Readers have beat the odds to challenge its competitors from the blue light blocking glasses sector.

Gunnar Vayper VAY-00101: Built to match your facial structures and fashion, the Gunnar collection has full-rimmed metallic frames to woo metal-loving customers. Available with optional tints and coatings, Gunnar Vayper, priced below $120, is a serious competitor to Tom Ford, Warby Parker etc. 

The brown-colored lens is made up of durable plastic material fitted on trendy blackish frames that is meant for both men and women.

SmartBuy Collection Adora Asian Fit 938: Cheap yet producing one of the most charismatic impressions for the wearers, SmartBuy collections never failed to impress with this stylish black-framed metallic blue light blocking glass.

Blue Jervy: If online or computer gaming is one of your uncompromising passions, then Blue Jervy’s blue light blocking glasses are the new sensation that will take care of your precious eyes against blue light emission. The best part of Blue Jervy is that it is built with premium polarized lenses, which is available at an affordable price for customers of the APAC region.

Built with polycarbonate lenses to enhance effectiveness, it offers a rimless solution to blue light radiation coupled with shining metallic frames.

Conclusion: Experts have always noted that blue light emission from computers, TVs, and laptops may have a lesser impact than LED lights. They also indicate that blue lights will never set permanent damage to your vision. However, it is imperative to nurture and safeguard your eyes from any forms of radiation. Blue light filtering glasses have shown consistent results to downgrade the effects of the radiation coming from all digital devices, gadgets, lights, etc. 


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