ZOOT Prophet Men’s WetZoot

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The energy-saving effects of hydrodynamics and buoyancy not only save time during the swim, it also contributes to land-based efforts later in the race. ZOOT paved the way for competitive triathlon apparel when entry fees were a ten spot and aerobars were a hi-tech game changer. Fast forward thirty years, and the Zoot Prophet WetZoot's mix of low-friction, buoyant materials and state-of-the art design represents this companies relentless tri-specific drive.

To cut through the washing-machine stage, the WetZoot uses a hydrodynamic finish over its Yamamoto C40 and C39 Atmosphere neoprene. Widely recognized as one of the thinnest, lightest and, stretchest neoprenes available, Yamamoto is an industry leader -- innovating superior wetsuit materials. The C40 and C39's three-layer construction, including SCS hydrodynamic coating, consists of a perforated middle and super-stretch polyester inner.

The result is a fabric that reduces the suits coefficient of friction by 97%, while maximizing lift for confident open-water swimming. Just as important, however, is the WetZoot's fit and efficiency in the water. And while the stretch of the Yamamoto neoprene contributes to this, Zoot's design prowess maximizes it. The non-absorbent, super-stretch inner lining provides an excellent next-to-skin fit and a complete freedom-of-movement. But, it also works with Zoot's Confluence Fluid Design (CFD) and Optimal Kick Design (OKD). Together, CFD and OKD allows the swimmer's arms and legs to travel through the water with less energy expenditure. It does this by using shaped panels and engineered compression.

The ZOOT Prophet WetZoot is available in the color Black and in six sizes from X-Small to XX-Large, with Small/tall, Medium/tall, and Medium/large options also available.

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