Child Disney Pixar’s Deluxe Brave Merida Costume

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Pixar's first fairy tale inspired animated feature, Brave features a rambunctious protagonist with wild red hair that matches her untamable personality. The Child Disney Pixar's Deluxe Brave Merida Halloween Costume features a square neckline with gold trim, a cameo pin accent, a light blue brocade design bordered with gold trim, a long shiny sleeves with puffed shoulders. The costume also includes a stylized gold belt that is secured on the waist with a stylized buckle and has the strap hang down the center of the skirt. The skirt features the same brocade print on the bodice and is trimmed with an elegant gold hem design. Merida learns the meaning of bravery after inadvertently causing a curse to be set on her kingdom and travels to break it. Add the officially licensed bow and arrow set to this costume to get your daughter completely in character.

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