Blueseventy Surpassdot One-Piece Women’s Swimsuit

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If senseless destruction is your thing, then we invite you to keep pool training in your race gear. However, if you value investments like the rest of us, you'll start hitting your laps in something that's chlorine-resistant. It's for this very reason that Blueseventy created its new Surpassdot One-Piece Women's Swimsuit.

It's been tested for two seasons in Australia, and is only now ready for the rest of the world. Blueseventy constructed it from its new Darwin fabric, and yes, this is a nod to the suit's evolutionary research and development process. This material was created from a custom spec'd and Italian-milled polyester. And as a result, it provides higher levels of compression, and stronger levels of durability, than standard polyesters.

Additionally, Darwin is 100% chlorine-resistant, and it's also been engineered to be quick-drying. In terms of fit, you'll find that the Energy Stripe is perfectly adaptable to swimming. In fact, the cut and strap design allows a full range of motion for both the legs and arms, while still retaining a surface area of coverage that's broad enough for proper support.

The Blueseventy Surpassdot One-Piece Women's Swimsuit is available in even sizes from 22 to 38 and in the colors Blue Dot and Purple Dot.

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