Plus size clothing in Australia – bloggers give their opinion

According to many full figured women, plus size fashion is limited and frustrating. This is due to many mainstream fashion retailers not stocking plus size clothing in their stores and fashion designers not designing for bigger sizes. Simply put, there just aren’t many high-street stores that cater for plus size women.

Fortunately online shopping enables us to access more variety and better quality plus size fashion from specialist retailers. Fashion ranges for curvy women overseas are much more exciting – plus are a lot cheaper.

We interviewed a couple of well-known stylish plus size bloggers – Hayley from Fashion Hayley and Sonya from Australian Fatshion – on what they think of the state of plus size fashion in Australia plus their favourite online stores, why they like online shopping and tips for other curvy women.

Hayley has been blogging as Fashion Hayley for 8 years now and in that time has travelled the world, lived in Tokyo and pursued her dream to work as a stylist. Hayley’s blog has allowed her the freedom to do what she loves and has opened up countless doors. The most exciting of which was a free trip to New York for the Young Fat and Fabulous conference thanks to Aussie plus size brand City Chic.

Sonya is plus sized too and very much into fashion. According to Sonya the plus sized clothing situation in bricks and mortar stores could be improved upon as there isn’t a great deal out there.

Apart from her love of City Chic, Hayley believes there isn’t really a wide range of stores or labels to choose from. In fact City Chic is the only plus size store she’ll shop at from Australia as “they are the only brand catering to young plus size gals, so in many ways they are a ground breaking label”.

Internationally online, Hayley has a wider range of stores to choose from. She says “you have ASOS Curve which I love as it carries its fashion main line in plus sizes that have been properly graded up. I also love Evans and Torrid and the small New York based Monif C”.

Sonya also shops at ASOS and Evans, but adds Forever21+, Dorothy Perkins, Yours Clothing and New Look to her favourite online stores.

One of the main reasons for shopping online is convenience. Hayley tells us that she doesn’t have a lot of time to shop retail so shopping online, which can only take 5 minutes, is a great time saver.

Sonya agrees but adds that price and variety are also important.

“Even factoring in postage costs, buying online can work out cheaper than buying in store. Most times, you will be able to find something different than what other people are wearing too” she points out.

Finally we asked both girls what tips they’d like to give to plus size women?

Hayley’s advice is to “don’t be afraid to experiment. Dressing to flatter your shape with pre-conceived rules can often be a disadvantage as it puts up barriers to trying new trends or looks that might actually work. So throw out the rule book and wear what you want to wear“.

Sonya echoes this, and tells us to “Get comfortable with shopping online! Take your measurements, know your measurements. But, mostly, have fun, experiment“.

If you want to get comfortable with shopping online for plus size fashions, feel free to check out these USA stores that sell plus size clothing for women.

Some of our favourite plus size clothing from our recommended stores:

(L to R, Top to Bottom)
1. Old Navy
3. Ashley Stewart
4, 5, 6. Torrid

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