Luxury brands

The best US online stores for luxury brands – how they can save you money and make your wardrobe sing!

According to a recent Digital Luxury Group report the most sought after American fashion brands fall in the handbags and ready-to-wear categories. Handbags make up over a third of all American fashion brands searches globally and the top 2 most sought after brands are Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.

The Michael Kors brand was launched in the early 80’s, but in recent years thanks to a slew of public activity including participation in Project Runway the brand has really thrived.

So where can you get hold of these iconic brands?

You’ll probably have come across hundreds of online stores making claims of having the cheapest designer labels, but through our experience, only a few genuine, trusted stores guarantee to deliver quality at the right price.

From Fendi handbags to Gucci shoes to Michael Kors watches, luxury brands are all available at the right price if you know where and when to look.

Here’s a run-down of our most trusted stores with some of our current favourite deals.