Importers close door on overseas online stores – stop this madness!

This week we covered the story of some Australian retailers reaching agreements with international brands to stop selling their clothes to Australians on overseas websites – or to lift their web prices.

In a move second only to Gerry Harvey’s call to impose GST on overseas goods coming in to Australia, this is another desperate bid by Australian retailers to maintain their over-inflated prices and not meet the needs of their customers by providing a decent online service.

In the report, covered by Fairfax press, it outlines how Australian consumers will be forced to pay substantially more for their favourite fashion brands.

The report goes on to say that while this may be welcome news to the country’s retailers, it means shoppers will no longer be able to save up to 50 per cent by buying labels from overseas.

Jacki Bresic, of the International Fashion Group, last month reached an agreement with popular US denim brands Paige Denim and AG Adriano Goldschmied to prevent major international online stores, including the Amazon-owned Shopbop and Revolve, selling their jeans to customers here.
Meanwhile, celebrity denim favourite True Religion agreed it would continue to sell to Australians – but at a higher price.

Ms Bresic said she was working with her other import brands on the issue.

“It is the only way we can compete on price with these overseas websites and try to prevent more and more retailers from closing their doors,” she said. ”When you’ve got overseas websites selling the same pair of jeans for $100 or $150 cheaper because they don’t have to pay the outdated taxes and duties that we do, then what hope do we have?”

$150 cheaper for a pair of jeans? Is Ms Bresic aware of how crazy this sounds to Australian shoppers? Last time I checked GST was 10%, so why is Ms Bresic adding $150 to a pair of jeans?

The Age newspaper is aware of at least half a dozen fashion distributors, some who import up to a dozen brands, who have reached agreements or are negotiating to set prices or limit supply to Australia.

The increasing trend of retailers blocking access to US websites has also led to a rise in companies that forward items on to Australia for a fee.

What you can do…

Do you think this is fair? In a global economy, Australian shoppers are being penalised by local retailers who have refused to embrace online shopping practices and failed to keep pace with the digital economy.

Stop this madness now! To get around these attempts to rip-off Australian customers and stop you getting the discounts you are entitled to, sign-up for a FREE US shipping address here. Find out how you can continue shopping at your favourite online stores at prices the rest of the world enjoys.

Sign the petition to prevent GST from being imposed on overseas goods from online retail sites.

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