Guest Post: Personalised Jewellery – Stylish, Fashion-Forward, and Dazzling!

When it comes to personalised jewellery, it’s easy to make assumptions. For many, their only exposure to personalised jewellery is tacky baubles appropriate for kids and pre-teens. However, this is far from the reality when it comes to the options in today’s high quality, elegant personalised jewellery.

Personalised wedding rings

Perhaps the most important piece of jewellery you’ll own is your wedding ring, and you deserve something that meets your needs for style and comfort. At first blush, a personalised ring may seem out of the ordinary. And perhaps it is! But having a distinctive ring is an appealing prospect to many – after all, why commemorate your love and commitment with something that is just “run of the mill”?

One option for a wedding ring is the Roman numeral ring. Elegant and entirely unique, Roman numeral rings are also meaningful. The bold look of the Roman numeral is stunning in any number of options, including satin bands, two-toned bands, or pierced bands. The look is customizable for everyone. Roman numeral rings are, of course, a handsome choice for men. Roman numeral rings for women are lovely as well, and can be accented with gems and pearls for extra appeal.

Personalised anniversary rings

Anniversary rings offer even more flexibility than wedding rings. Anniversary rings can be personalised to reflect the personality of the wearer, whether she loves a lot of bling and pizzazz or whether he prefers something simple, yet bold. Anniversary rings have no standard – they really are a product of your imagination and preferences. Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, or even a simple sterling silver.

Pendants, rings and cufflinks, OH MY!

Monogrammed jewellery is another great way to personalise. The look is entirely classic, but very much of the moment. The mid-20th century aesthetic is oh-so-hip, but you can be sure that once the fad passes, the classic look remains. Monogramming is popular in all manner of jewellery, including pendants, rings, and cufflinks.

Another popular option for personalisation is to use Chinese, Hebrew, or other characters. Chinese characters stand for an entire word, so it’s meaningful to choose a word that is special. “Peace,” or “grace” might be appealing, or simply a name in Chinese characters.

Personalised jewellery is more than just tacky plastic made on the cheap; it can also be elegant, dazzling pieces made from quality materials with high-quality gems and accents. If you want something truly unique and tailored to your tastes, consider personalised fine jewellery.

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