Guest Post: Pamper Mum this Mothers Day

If you’re looking for a great present to get for mum this mother’s day, consider something to pamper and relax her. In in this article I’ll give you some ideas of items that mum will love and explain why pampering gifts are the perfect choice for mothers day.

“Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society” – Wikipedia

The pivotal role of a mother is to look after and care for her children as they grow into adults. As much joy as this can bring to mum, it’s hard and relentless work. On Mother’s Day it’s your job to care for and pamper your mum in the same way that she has done for you. In addition to giving her an enjoyable and carefree day, you might like to get her some pampering gifts that will allow her to relax at any time she needs a break in the future.

Types of Pampering Gifts

  • Comfort & Relaxation
  • Alone time
  • Fashion & Appearance
  • Food, Glorious Food

Comfort & Relaxation

These are items that help her relax and be comfortable. Think along the lines of slippers, dressing gowns, foot massagers and bed linen. You could also get her an experience gift such as a massage or day spa outing.

Here are some comfort and relaxation gifts from our collection:

1. Midnight by Carole Hochman Women’s Pajama

2. Victoria Classics Poppy Queen Comforter Set, 8-Piece

3. Philosophy The Care Package, 6 Piece

Alone Time

Alone time items are those that mum can enjoy on her own. Obviously these will differ depending your mum’s particular interests, but think along the lines of books, dvds, magazines (subscriptions), scrapbooking supplies, craft supplies, gardening equipment and cookbooks. Of course, once you’ve given one of these gifts you also need to make sure you give mum the alone time she needs to use them.

Here are some ‘alone time’ gifts from our collection:

1. The Mom 100 Cookbook: 100 Recipes Every Mom Needs in Her Back Pocket

2. Bernat Twist ‘n Twirl Yarn, Misty Merlot

3. Inside Job

Fashion & Appearance

Mum has probably bought countless outfits for you over the years so here is an opportunity for you to return the favour. Work out what kind of fashion she needs or wants (try asking dad or her friends) and then get it for her or buy a voucher for that particular store to give her some more choice. You can also look at getting her other ‘appearance’ related items such as jewellery, makeup or nail polish.

Here are some fashion & appearance gifts from our collection:

1. Misha Gold-Fill Wire Wrapped Mother of Pearl Cage Earrings

2. Sam Edelman Women’s Sophie Wedge Sandal

3. 100% Luxurious Charmeuse Silk Van Gogh’s “Irises” Long Scarf Shawl

Food, Glorious Food

What are your mum’s favourite foods? Whether it be chocolates, pastries, drinks or condiments, mothers day is a great opportunity to stock up on these items so mum can enjoy them whenever she finds has some time to relax.


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Nick is a gift theorist who writes for Packed Full of Love, an Online Gift Store in Australia. Check out their Mother’s Day Gift Guide for more gift ideas for mum.

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