Free USA Shipping address

Shipping from USA to AustraliaAll of the stores listed on Online Shopping USA ship to Australia but occassionally you’ll come across stores and products that won’t ship. If you want access to the amazing range and prices available at all American online stores … then you’ll need a US shipping address.

How does it work?

Mail Forwarding from Ship2Anywhere, international shipping specialists, allows you to buy whatever you like from any American online store. Your goods will be shipped to your free personal USA address then forwarded to your home, wherever you are, quickly and reliably. Books, clothing, technology – there are millions of ways that you can take advantage of this service to make large savings.

Ship2Anywhere’s Mail Forwarding provides you with cheap international shipping from the USA. They can consolidate orders from various stores, provide you with a range of shipping options, and even help you buy from stores that require an US-based credit card.

Sign up for your free USA address now by joining Online Shopping USA. You’ll receive a confirmation email and your free shipping address details will appear on your Online Shopping USA member page.

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How do you use your free USA shipping address? Step by step

Sign up!

Once you’ve signed up, you’re under no obligation to use your free shipping address. The address will be located at Ship2Anywhere’s warehouse and distribution centre in the States.

The address is yours to keep.

Buy products online from USA companies

With your USA address in hand, you can start shopping at the full range of American online stores.

Place small (or large) orders with multiple stores and have everything shipped to your US address. Ship2Anywhere will wrap them all up together to reduce your total shipping costs.

Send your purchase to your USA address

When you order, use your USA address as the shipping address.
Take advantage of ‘free shipping within the US’ offers. Ship free to your US address and let Ship2Anywhere find the best deal to bring your purchase(s) home.

Even for US stores which ship overseas, we’re confident you’ll find the shipping rates to Australia and other countries more competitive and Ship2Anywhere can provide free loss and damage cover as well.

Ship2Anywhere forward goods to your address

Ship2Anywhere are shipping and logistics specialists. They know the ins-and-outs of moving goods around the world and know how to get the best prices.

Goods will be delivered to your home typically within 4 or 5 business days.
You will be provided full order tracking via the Ship2Anywhere website and your order will be delivered to your door.